1st Anniversary!

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1st Anniversary!

It's been a year since Lou and I got married! Since it's actually tomorrow, but we are going into NYC tonight we decided to exchange gifts early. I had to share this with you guys because my friends won't really understand the appeal of what Lou found since they would prefer something more "normal" but I know you will all appreciate it! Time flies! Seems like last week I was asking all of you for some Alice in Wonderland ideas!





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Happy anniversary! I love the card and the necklace.


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Happy Anniversary! congrats date Nice card and cute necklace. awesome I think he deserves points for those.

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Just check mrhubs post and that reflects my sentiments exactly.


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Way to go hubby! I want that necklace. This marriage is getting off to a great start. mickey


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ahhh, how sweet! Lucky you, love the necklace, and the card too!
Happy Anniversary!



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Very nice and congrats to you both!


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OMG that is so awesome!! Great job, Lou!!

CONGRATULATIONS and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both!!!! muchlove muchlove muchlove

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Lovely! Have a special time! muchlove


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I love the card and the necklace Smile


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Happy anniversary to you both. What a great card.

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Awesome! Happy Anniversary!


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That is so sweet!! I love the card and necklace! Happy Anniversary mickey



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congrats congrats congrats


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Happy Anniversary Laughing out loud

The card is brilliant! And I LOVE the necklace Smile xxxxxxxx


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Have a great night! congrats


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Congrats! Love the card and necklace!

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Now that's what I call magical!
What a good hubby!
stars stars stars

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What a great anniversary gift. I see a long and happy marriage in your future! muchlove



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Pretty necklace! Happy anniversary!


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Congratulations on your 1st Anniversary!!! Lou did great!


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Too cute! Love it all!


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I love that it is beautiful Smile



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