2012 DVC Condo Meeting - Anyone Going?

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2012 DVC Condo Meeting - Anyone Going?

From Disney Files Magazine:

"Plans call for this year's meeting to debut a new, condensed format, removing the entertainment elements that have elongated the meeting through the years and focusing instead on core Disney Vacation Club agenda items, allowing Members to get back to their Walt Disney World vacation as quickly as possible."


Well then. "Condensed format, removing entertainment elements" sounds to me like it translates to "taking away everything that makes it fun to go to the condo meeting so we can send your butts back to the park so you spend more money." Just another way to make cut backs since they already have our money, why give us anything special.

I have never been one of those "whoa is me DVC Members are so abused" people. However this really bugs me for some reason.

It's probably a good thing I'm not going. Will anyone be attending this year?