2012 Ticket Increases

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2012 Ticket Increases

WDW has once again announced ticket increases. It's not really surprising, and looking at older posts on here, I guess this is the time of year that they normally do it. Still, I thought they might wait until more stuff is opened in Fantasyland. And as a FL resident, I'm obviously bummed about the increase in our passes.


I know the answer to this Wink but will this impact your coming to Disney, or not so much?


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Death, taxes, and Disney price increases are the three things you can count on but most will not let it affect them. Us included.


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Over the past 10 years, the largest increase in price for an annual pass was $21. The 2012 increase is $55!! Saw a post about the Sunday price change, so I went ahead and purchased our annual passes for Nov. trip Friday night(hard to beat that $100 DVC discount too). In the past we have visited 2-3 times per year. Unfortunately, airfares this year have increased about $100 RT as well. Will be making fewer visits with longer stays.

Historic ticket pricing: http://allears.net/tix/tixincrease.htm

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Glad I got my tickets/park hoppers for the October trip back in April. Phew!


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...well, here's one thing I'm glad I wont have to worry about anymore! yay

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Ticket price increases suck but we will still be going


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Most expenisve theme park in the country. It is certainly headed to $100.

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Did I read that story right and FL Residence pass went up $299?

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This is going to be really tough on families.....UGH!!!!!!!

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mrhub wrote:
Did I read that story right and FL Residence pass went up $299?

No-I just checked it out-the price of the Annual Pass went up around $ 40.
I hate that the price went up, but honestly that's just how it goes.
For now I will renew at the current price. This year alone I have used my pass enough that I have gotten double my moneys worth the price Smile And I still have 5 months to use it-so a $40 increase is still more than worth it!!!

I will say, when I saw your comment I almost had a heart attacked and checked it right away. No way I coudl have renewed with that kind of increase!


But I don't want to go among mad people!

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In the past, we've always purchased 10-day tickets with the park hopper and no expiration options and used 5 days each in two different years. I did a little arithmetic, and with the new price increase, a 10-day no-expiration park-hopper costs as much per day as a 5-day park hopper without the no-expiration option, $65 per day. The 10-day ticket would lock me into this year's prices, but I'm not sure it's worth paying twice as much now for some future year's vacation.

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Yikes! eek Super glad I booked for our October trip back in February!