2013 Star Wars Weekend Dates Announced

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2013 Star Wars Weekend Dates Announced

This year's Force-filled fun will take place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from May 17 " June 9, 2013.


I just happen to be arriving on June 8th, but won't be taking part in the force filled fun. What about you?
Will you be there during the Star Wars celebration?

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My partner is a huge fan - hopefully he will love it! We are there from 8th-22nd May, so can only do the opening weekend, bit worried it might be a bit over-busy, but worth a go!


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We were actually there last year during it and it was not to bad. The store was a little crazy.

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we will be there for the very first Friday of SWW this year, and my almost-13 year old is beyond thrilled. Smile

I'm a little nervous; I don't know how Star Wars Weekends impact the rest of my touring plan.


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We're going early May, so we won't be around for Star Wars weekends. My fiance and I aren't big fans anyway--but if my sister, who is obsessed, was going with us, we'd definitely try to be around for them! Maybe someday we'll make it there with her for them!


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