2015 Resort Room Rack Rates - Released Today!

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2015 Resort Room Rack Rates - Released Today!

Disney officially released the 2015 Resort Room Rack Rates ~ Today !

(the following prices are the listed * average * rack room rates per night)

I ran thru the late January 2015 prices.... it was interesting to see the rates for POR is higher
than any other Moderate Resort, with RS ($150.13) running just a tad bit higher than FQ ($144.53).
The others are running $134-138.

Wilderness Lodge was the lowest of the Deluxe Resorts ($238.31).

All Star Sports ran the lowest ($88.89).

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Yay! Now we just have to wait until mid October (if the same as the last 2 years) for discounts!

clapping yay

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Yes ~ I'm holding out for October...crossing fingers for a 35% deal off deluxe as I'd love to snag Wilderness Lodge - It's on Amy's wish list muchlove mickey

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We will probably book now and then just ask to apply the discount if and when it comes out. We usually always get a good AP discount for January.

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Be aware that if you book through the uk site you can get free dining though there is a 5 night min stay x


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