2017 Free Dining Announced... Is it worth it?

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2017 Free Dining Announced... Is it worth it?

I've crunched the numbers two ways to Sunday and can't see where this would be beneficial (financially)to me and my family.. There just isn't any savings involved in getting the free dining package in our case. We are AP holder and usually rent DVC, so I'm basing my cost savings on these factors..

Are any of y'all taking advantage of the 2017 Free Dining package? If so, how is this a savings for you, as opposed to you not having the dining plan? Just curious why the Free Dining is so popular.. sarcastic confused


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We save more money with Tables in Wnderland based on how we eat. And now being DVC members, we don't qualify anyway. It all comes down to how you eat and what's important to you.

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I think for people who were going during those time periods anyhow, it can be beneficial. But many times the room only discount out prices the free dining. Though, I have known people who it has saved plenty of money when they were going at that time anyhow and just happened to get switched to the free dining package. Like most things Disney it really depends on how you usually travel and what you were planning on budgeting for to begin with. For me as a DVC Member, free dining is a non-entity.

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Honestly, I feel like we lucked into free dining this year. We're staying 9/30 - 10/3 at Pop Century. Honest to goodness random date selection and boom - it's the last day of free dining for September. We had already booked Pop Century with Quick Service dining. It's a short trip and we're mainly going to see Pandora and hit up F&W, then on to St. Augustine for a few days. Our TA did all the legwork for us today; re-booked us at Pop Century and upgraded our dining plan to Table Service. We came out $162.00 ahead, even paying the difference for Table Service. My DH is *really* good at leveraging the Dining Plan for maximum value and keeping track of the value of the plan. To me, it's nice to have most food taken care of ahead of time. Not to mention adding to my growing collection of refillable mugs.... mickey