50s Prime Time Sampler

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50s Prime Time Sampler

Check out this 50's Prime Time Cafe Sampler. That has to be just about the best idea I've ever seen. I always have so much trouble deciding between the pot roast and the fried chicken, and I've never even gotten a chance to try the meatloaf. We didn't have a great experience last time we were there so we weren't planning on going back for a while, but this might lure me back.

Has this been on the menu for a while? Has anyone ever seen it before?

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Gee I have not seen that on the menu before (to the best of my memory) but it sure sounds good. I also haven't been in my last 2 trips but it could make me go through the doors again.


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Hope that's still there whenever I make it back.

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh wow. I gained five pounds just looking at that..they look amazing!


mickey Bella