Adding Disney Sparkle to the Home

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Adding Disney Sparkle to the Home

Hi Guys,

I am in the process of buying my first flat and I was wondering if any of you have tips or ideas on how to bring some subtle Disney sparkle to the home. I don't want to go full out themed rooms as at some point I will want to move on, but I'd love to add some special touches that would make me smile when I see them.

Does anyone have some examples/ideas? I'm from the UK, so I'm finding a lot of cool clocks/home furnishings/prints are from the US and shipping would cripple me Sad (and Disney store prices are a bit steep...) I am open to getting a bit arty/crafty!

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Congrats on your new place! It's so exciting to start decorating and especially Disney themed!

I have a Disney inspired guest bathroom and rather than make "everything" in it Disney-I tried to make a reference to Disney and just add a few special Disney effects.

My guest bathroom is Disney Inspired by the Evil Queen! So I chose a non-Disney towel and curtain set-but I made sure it was very regal and worthy of a queen! The curtain is dark with fancy gold details and the guest towels were embroidered with regal golds, reds and purples. Best of all, they were from a chain store (JC Penny) and I bought them on clearance!

I added a plain, royal purple hand towel by the sink.

On the back of the toilet is a wood box I bought at a craft store that is heavily carved on the lid. If you were to open it, you would find the "letter" the Evil Queen wrote the huntsman (I printed it myself off a computer printer on parchment) and a glass heart (oops, poor Snow White eek ). The glass heart is a paper weight I found at a book store.

I picked up three mirrors with fancy black frames from another craft store (yup, clearance again) and lined them across the upper wall above the shower (mirror mirror on the wall).

A couple gold, glass and wood candle holders on the sink with deep red candles add a nice elegant touch.

I added a wall shelf and found a small heart frame adorned with rhinestones and another small frame of a crown. Online I found "real" photo's of snow white and the Evil Queen so I printed them and framed them to look like a family wall of pictures. I also added a nice, large, red glass apple.

Then I took two framed pictures of the Evil Queen and placed them on the wall.

So the overall effect is elegant and regal.. a nice rich feeling guest bathroom. There are enough little clues in the room to help carry the story of Snow White without making it look like a kids room.

I'm working on turning the kitchen into having a few nods to Remy from Ratatouille ! Very French , cookbooks, and of course, Remy himself (a stuffed one I bought in Epcot) hiding up on a shelf with cheese and grapes.

I always thought a Cinderella room would be fun! Lots of blue, tulle, a glass slipper on a shelf and a crown many ideas , I need more rooms to decorate~!

Hope this helps inspire your creative side!