Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin Opens May 24th

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Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin Opens May 24th

Oh my gosh, this ride system technology looks AMAZING! Ok... now I actually want to go to Sea World.
This looks really fun to me.

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Oh wow, this looks terrific! I really enjoy Sea World parks--I went to the one in Texas a few years ago and haven't been to the Orlando one in years but when I went really loved it. Now that they have this really cool ride, I'll have to make sure our next longer Orlando trip includes Sea World, too (there just wasn't enough time with a cruise to make multiple parks plausible this time).


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Looks awesome! Guess I'll have to revisit Sea World cool . Thanks.

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I LOVE penguins muchlove I was so disappointed when I went to Sea World (for the first time) January 2012 and the penguin exhibit was closed sad It looks like the closure was worth it though! I can't wait to go back now.

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that does look like it would be fun