Are birthdays romantic or festive?

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Are birthdays romantic or festive?

Jeff was trying to plan out a birthday party and it got me thinking. When you guys do birthdays do you go for a more romantic vibe, or a more whimsical one?

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I think they can go either way. I also think it depends on what is happening at that time. When the boys were younger I usually went for romantic. Now, I tend to go more for whimsical. I really think both can be loads of fun.

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Hey!!! when you get my age even the Romantic ones are Whimsical. rolling silly wink


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With a 1 year old and a 6 year old, I'll go for where ever you'd like to file that Smile


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I'm guessing sitting across from me in my Birthday ears, with my birthday button, 3 lanyards of pins and a big dumb "It's my birthday and the world revolves around me!" grin the entire time, it probably looks more whimsical and festive than romantic laugh

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Definitely whimsical! Anniversaries are for romance, birthdays are for FUN!

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Whimsy!!!!!!!!! Birthdays to me are just FUN! Save the romance for later thankyouverymuch!


mickey Bella

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I agree with the majority here; whimsical for sure! Maybe I'm biased because I've never had what one would consider a "romantic" birthday, but I think they should be festive and fun rather than full on romantic. Anniversaries? Romantic. Honeymoon? Romantic.

Birthdays? FESTIVE! Laughing out loud