Aussie Disney Trave Agents

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Aussie Disney Trave Agents

Hello, I am from Australia

I was looking into using a Disney Travel agent and was looking into either Magical Mouse Holidays, My Personal Travel Planner or i will take any information of others that people have good experiences with.

any information would be handy Smile

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Are you looking for someone in the US? One of my close friends is an authorized Disney travel agent. It is completely free for you to use. She basically takes care of planning everything for you. If you're interested, let me know and I will PM you her info.


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We use Susan Eskew at Kingdom Magic Vacations. Love her to death and she is really good. I don't mind telling everyone. We have used her services on 2 prior and last three trips. She knows all the discounts and finds us the best rooms for less money. Tried it on my own a couple times, but she even does my ADRs!


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Hello I'm from Australia too, good to see someone else here.

When I went to the US and WDW my travel agent from Harvey World Travel chose our resort which is the one we wanted to stay at anyway, and just booked our tickets for the numbers of days. Then I just planned the holiday myself. But that doesn't really help you.