Autograph books

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Autograph books

My best friend and I are
wondering if it's worth it to get
autograph books. This is her first time to Disney World
and my first time getting a book. What do you guys recommend.

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A lot of people here get character autographs at the various meet and greets or character meals. A few even make their own specialized WDW autograph books. I'm sure you'll get a lot of helpful advice if you want autographs.

For me, well, I can't suspend disbelief quite enough to get past the knowledge that those are actors inside the critter suits and princess dresses. I still have fun meeting the characters, but I don't bother with autographs.

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I have lot of fun with mine. I say get one.


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We think it's fun, and always decorate our own. We buy little, cheap-o 5x7 spiral notebooks from the store and cover them in quirky duck tape and stickers, and it's just a fun family craft we do to get ourselves psyched up for our trip. It's a blast. Later, we go back and tape the pictures of us with the characters beside their autographs. It's a great memory maker.

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I've never had one myself but am planning on getting one on my next visit as a gift for my goddaughter.

One hint I've read is that the Suits have a lot of trouble holding the pens that come with the books, so bring along a bigger texta for them to use.

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