Be Our Guest - who has eaten here?

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Be Our Guest - who has eaten here?

What are your thoughts on this new restaurant? We tried to get reservations for our upcoming trip in Sept but it was booked for dinner, so we are going for lunch. DRAT! Really wanted to try the Cornish Game Hens.........yummy! Has anyone eaten here for lunch? If so, what do you recommend? Thank you!

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Gosh, I really do not like giving a place a bad review because everyone's tastes are different but... lunch just was not good. Neither of us cared much for it. The concept of counter sevice served table service is great, it is beautiful inside, but the food was blah. We ate it, but both of us said we would have rather had almost any other counter service meal over what we had. The biggest issue with the food is it was warm. We could tell it had been sitting. It was only 5 minutes from the time we ordered till the food was at our table which tells me the food is all done and sitting and waiting to be served. For us lunch was a one time only thing.

We have had dinner there 3 times and have it booked again for our January trip.

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Hiyas Poppet! We haven't eaten ther yet, but we do have a dinner ADR for our trip in September.

I would like to try lunch, but I've heard the lines for lunch can be horrendous and the food is so-so. We plan is to swing by when we are ready to eat, and if the line is too long, go somewhere else. I won't wait too long for it - patience is generally not my thing laugh and I'd probably rather go sit with Sonny Eclipse anyways.

I keep hoping for one of those "Help us test our BOG lunch FastPass+ process!" emails..... crossfingers

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He have been lucky enough to eat there for Lunch and Dinner. We loved the Croque Monsieur. Our sandwiches were a little buttery because they were grilled, but it didnt matter to us. It might bother someone that doesn't like buttery to some, greasy to others sandwiches. J saw the steak sandwich and said he would try that one sometime.

Don't give up on Dinner just keep trying. Try as often as you can during the day until you get there. People cancel all the time and we even tried while we were there to get ressies.

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A few of my friends have been able to be walk ins for BOG a couple occasions. I just went there for dinner and it was very good. I wish I would of known the prices but that's okay, we still managed. We definitely want to go back again sometime next year but a little later then January or February.

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We have eaten there for dinner and loved it. We didn't have reservations and it was pretty busy but was there in the walk up line at 4:30. We got right in within about 20 min. The food for dinner was amazing but we have never been there for lunch.

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Poppet wrote:
What are your thoughts on this new restaurant? We tried to get reservations for our upcoming trip in Sept but it was booked for dinner, so we are going for lunch. DRAT! Really wanted to try the Cornish Game Hens.........yummy! Has anyone eaten here for lunch? If so, what do you recommend? Thank you!

I thought I read that they weren't serving the cornish game hens any longer, that it was replaced with another chicken dish. Not sure, I don't go until Oct. I'm disappointed that the food isn't that great but I'm looking forward to the photo ops!

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For dinner they had a chicken dish that wasn't the Cornish Game hen.

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We had the opportunity to have dinner at BOG when it first opened. A group of 5 adults and 3 kids went, everyone ordered something different. The decor is great, they really hit it out of the park with the theme detail. However, the main dining room is so large and cavernous that it ends up being very loud when it is full, like a fancy cafeteria. Beast's Chamber is much smaller and I would prefer it if we make another visit, but I don't know if you can request it, it's probably first come, first served. The other wing with the Belle and Beast music box doesn't seem to get used very much for some reason.
The other posts are correct about the food; it's hit or miss at best. With so many people to serve, the food quality tends to suffer a bit in order for everyone to get their plates at the same time. It's not gourmet cuisine; if you want authentic French food, go to EPCOT. It was OK, kind of "dumbed down" a bit to appeal to a wide audience. I was lucky to have the Cornish Game Hen, which has since been replaced with Chicken and the price increased by over a dollar. One child sent their steak back as it was too tough to cut; the green beans seemed fresh and the Pomme Frites were seasoned well. The servers will still new at the time and were at a bit of a loss when it came to plating our desserts tableside; my Lemon Cupcake was accompanied by a drizzle of chocolate sauce for some inexplicable reason. We did get a bottle of wine for the novelty aspect but it is pretty pricey. Anyone who feared folks would be staggering around drunk in MK can relax.
We haven't tried the Lunch Option but hope to when the summer crowds die down a bit. On the whole we haven't been overly impressed with table service options at the Magic Kingdom; we usually just get a quick service meal or a snack and have a nice dinner at one of the resorts. You are basically paying for the "magic". If you are a Beauty and the Beast fan, go for it. Otherwise, spend your money at a restaurant where the emphasis is on the food, not the experience.

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