Best Resort for 2 single guys????

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Best Resort for 2 single guys????

Me and a buddy will be in Tampa for business in Nov. Gonna drive over to Disney for a few days.............Was wondering what Disney property would be best for us. Being close to Downtown wouldn't be bad but looking for the right hotel.........................Also, any ideas on where to go during the evening hours, where a couple single guys could have fun? ;o) Thanks in advance.....

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Coronado springs perhaps? AKL is awesome for everyone.

You could go to Down Town Disney at night if you want to enjoy the night life.



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Wilderness Lodge. My husband loves it because it's not "fru fru".

Contemporary - has the monorail going thru the lobby.

Polynesian - South Seas feel.

Caribbean Beach - less expensive than above plus pool awesome!

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Well the Board Walk is a nice resort. The ESPN club is there. Its easy walking to Epcot and is relatively close to Down Town Disney by bus. Other then that I can't really help you out on the

dreamdjs wrote:
any ideas on where to go during the evening hours, where a couple single guys could have fun? ;o) Thanks in advance.....
part because for me , that would be riding the ToT and listening to Scrappy scream! awesome Or walking through the paths at the Poly with my arms around her! Or riding Big Thunder Mountain in the moon light!

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Hi there! I think the right resort depends on how much you want to spend. If you want to go with a Value Resort, then I would recommend Pop Century. It has a very fun, casual feel to it. If you want to up the spend and go with a Moderate Resort, I've stayed at Coronado Springs before and had a great time. The Pepper Market is yummy and there is a great lounge. I've actually never stayed at any of the resorts at Downtown Disney, but I'm sure somebody on this forum has and can chime in. No matter where you stay...if you're on a Disney property, you'll have a great time.


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I say Boardwalk. To me it screams entertainment.


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Count me as another vote for the Boardwalk, mostly due to the entertainment/bar options that are there.

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Another vote for CSR. Deluxe type amenities at the mod price and the only resort to have a dance club on property in the Rix Lounge voted most trendy bar in Orlando.

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They have closed the nightclubs at Pleasure Island, however a couple remain open on the Boardwalk. I'm married 20 years in under a month, so I've got no idea what the singles scene is like at those places.

But back to Downtown Disney. Even though the nightclubs are gone, Raglan Road has a large bar area and so do some of the other restaurants. Perhaps one of the locals can chime in on which have an active singles scene. The ESPN bars/restaurants I've been to (haven't gone to the one in WDW) usually attract singles (that's what it looks like to me).

As for a hotel. I'm not sure what would make a hotel more "guy" friendly, so I guess I'd go by location. If I was going to be out at night hitting the bars, I'd like to be walking distance to get home. Last thing I'd want is a slowly bumpy bus ride home at night.