Best Solo Resort?

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Best Solo Resort?

Hi there yay
I'm a big Disney nut, and I'm planning a trip to Disney World. I'm 22, and money isn't an issue.

Now, here is a bit of an overview of me and my trip;
[ul][li]I'm going for 7 days. I only went to Disney World before this when I was 8. So I don't remember too much. I've been to Disneyland however MANY times. [/li][li]I'm a female, so I'm a little concerned about my safety. Hence, I'm thinking the monorail is probably a good option.
[/li][li]I'm going to be spending all the time I can in the parks. I have no intention of visiting the different resorts, eating dinner in the resorts, using a gym, going on bike trails, using a spa service... I'm going to be visiting the parks as much as possible soaking up the atmosphere. When I get kicked out, I'm going to head back to my room and relax.[/li][li]I plan on doing lots of blogging, and contacting family at night[/li][li]I am a huge disney nut! mickey (Not this disney channel Miley Cyrus crap though! Just their classic and good-contemporary films!) I love their 2D animation as I love beautiful 2D cartoon artwork. So a resort that sort of embodied disney would be good. I'm looking to bring out my inner child while balancing it out with my adult intelligence! biggrin [/li][li]I want a room that is comfortable to sleep in Smile
[/li][li]I'd like it to be nice and quiet![/li][li]As a plus, I'd really like some basic cooking equipment, i.e. a fridge and a microwave.
[/li][/ul]I'm currently thinking Contemporary. It doesn't sound very disney, but it has the monorail running through it, is close to the Magic Kingdom and has comfortable rooms. And I hear very nice TV's!

I also like the sound of the Animal Kingdom Resort, but buses don't have me jumping with joy. Its a shame, because the resort looks beautiful!

So: I'm up for any of the different level of resorts. But I don't want to be in a giant villa or anything, and I have no intention of eating resort food. I'm going to be eating strictly healthy on this trip as much as possible!

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Welcome to WDWFG! Your trip sounds like a lot of fun, and I think there are quite a few folks around here who can help you--especially SoloFriedly, who runs a blog called

Touring WDW solo is awesome, and I know you're gonna have a great time. When are you going? How long will you be there?

My two main points of advice based on your post is that you rent a car and that you consider a studio villa at a DVC resort or a deluxe room where you can rent a microwave.

Renting a car will alleviate your concern about busses, allowing you to stay anywhere and not have to worry about public transportation. If you ever feel unsafe in the evening, just have a CM walk you to your car wherever it's parked. Since money is not an issue, you're going to get the best value (time-wise) on your vacation by renting a car.

Disney value resorts don't have the option of renting a microwave, and don't come with a fridge automatically. Moderates come with a fridge, but may not have microwaves available for rent. Deluxes come with a fridge and do have microwaves for rent (as far as I know...). But if you stay in a studio villa, you'll have a fridge and microwave (along with a small kitchenette with a sink, silverware and plates, etc.) available without having to rent anything. You'll have a queen-sized bed in a studio villa, and the room size isn't too much bigger than a regular deluxe room, meaning you won't be wandering around a HUGE villa.

Here are my suggestions for resorts:

If you want to be near the MK: Bay Lake Tower studio villa (if you're going after August 2009) OR Wilderness Lodge studio villa

If you want to be bear Epcot and Disney Hollywood Studios: Beach Club or Boardwalk studio villa

If you want to be near Animal Kingdom: Animal Kingdom Lodge studio villa (savanna view).

Re: "nice and quiet"--Animal Kingdom Lodge and Wilderness Lodge will be your most secluded and quiet options, but a lack of great transportation options will back up my advice of getting a car.

Bay Lake Tower, Boardwalk, and Beach Club are all within walking distance of a park or two, but they'll be "in the middle of it all," and therefore will feel less quiet and secluded.

Hopefully that helps. I'll keep thinking!


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If money isn't an object I'd recommend Contemporary or Polynesian. I'm sure you can make sure you have a microwave and fridge in your room and then you are on the monorail, which is great for convenience. Magic Kingdom probably has the most to do of any of the parks (others may disagree, but that's my opinion) so optimizing for that resort makes sense to me. If you're more excited about Epcot however, you can stay in the Beach Club and walk to Epcot quite easily. Unless you don't like driving I would agree with the car recommendation. It can save you a lot of time. If you decide to do so we can point you to tricks for making the most of your car.

Does one of the parks appeal to you more than any of the others?

Oh yeah, and welcome to the boards!

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Hi, Windmill,

I think the others have given you some good advice already. I will say that you absolutely don't need to be too concerned about your safety at Disney World, even traveling alone. Just use common sense and you'll be fine. I had no problems on my last trip, which was solo. I have read trip reports from numerous solos to Disney who have stayed at pretty much every resort you can think of and had a great time.

Since money is no object, I'd definitely rent a microwave and stay at one of the deluxes or DVC resorts. You'll have a fridge to store salad materials or whatever other food you consider healthy. The Contemporary is good, because it has indoor hallways, which I feel are a little bit "safer" and the monorail access is obviously a plus. I'm not sure it'll fit your bill of being "quiet" though. Perhaps someone else can speak to that.

I ride the buses, and they're fine--but then I also ride the bus at home so I'm used to it. If you plan on going to Animal Kingdom, you're going to have to ride the bus at least twice--unless you take a cab. I actually like the sociability of Disney's transportation. If you're lucky and friendly, you can have great conversations with other guests while traveling to and from the parks. Your mileage may vary.

I'm sure whatever resort you choose you'll have a great time. Just being solo and being able to do what you want when you want without having to negotiate with anyone else is a real treat. Enjoy!



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Welcome to the boards!

Great advice so far. I think if I were on a solo trip, I'd choose to stay at either the Boardwalk or the Contemporary. Probably the Boardwalk so that I could be close to Hollywood Studios and Toy Story Mania!

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I would stay on the monorail but that is just me. I love all 3 of those resort and you can get to the MK and Epcot easily from there. All 3 have a great theme and great places to eat at. If you really want to stay over at Epcot I would stay at the BWI. Its awesome and its newly renovated plus tons of great dining over there as well.
Have you checked out tikimans website? There are also websites for the CR and the GF out there that have tons of info about each resort.


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Alas, poor Windmill.... We knew her well....

(Well, actually not. Came in here and stirred things up about a "cost not an object" trip and disappeared....)


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MouseTraveler wrote:
Alas, poor Windmill.... We knew her well....

(Well, actually not. Came in here and stirred things up about a "cost not an object" trip and disappeared....)

I was thinking the same thing. "What happened to Windmill?!?"

Maybe she just likes to watch Disney fans swarm about when she mentions money-not-an-issue trips.

I'm with Kelly though. I'd stay on the Monorail. Actually I'd stay at the Contempo. I think the Poly is a vastly cooler resort, but you simply can't beat walking to the MK.

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MouseTraveler wrote:
Alas, poor Windmill.... We knew her well....

(Well, actually not. Came in here and stirred things up about a "cost not an object" trip and disappeared....)





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