Bonus Day!

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Bonus Day!

So..I was starting to get pretty bummed about only spending 3 days in the parks. It's been four years since we've been to Disney and Holden's first trip and our last trip for probably the next 3-4 more years. But I figured that a short trip is better than no trip.

But you know what else is better than a short trip. Adding a day...'FO FREE! Well, kind of free.

I got an email today talking about my Disney Rewards Dollars. I deleted at first and then I un-deleted it after I thought about it for a hot minute. Years ago (when we booked our honeymoon) we got a Disney Visa Card. We put our honeymoon on it then paid it off and never really used it again except for an emergency here or there. I looked at the e-mail and then called Chase only to realize that we have about $125 dollars in Disney Rewards Dollars! just so happens that that is exactly how much it will cost to add one night at POP.....AND since we are doing that we're going to skip on the hoppers this time. So by booking an extra day we actually brought our cost down about $90. You know, disregarding the fact that we could have used that 125 dollars in the parks or on tickets instead of towards another night. So..yeah! I'm so excited. The only bad part? Stinkin' Disney only kept me on hold for literally 20 seconds so I only heard "You Can Fly.." for a little while.


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Big Woo Hoo!!!
Get revved up 'cause you deserve it!


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That's great news Bella. yay clapping yay clapping


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Yay clapping clapping clapping


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Awesome news! Always nice to get an extra day for practically free!


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That's awesome, Bella!

Ps. I love "you can fly"!!!


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Whoo hooo!! Gots to the Bonus Days!

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clapping Yeah! Love it when Pixie Dust starts flying around!


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YAY!!!! One more day is AWESOME!!!

yay clapping yay clapping yay

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yay yay yay
Another whole day to play. That is great!

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