Boo Bash Special Halloween Event

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Boo Bash Special Halloween Event

Happy Half Way To Halloween! I'm not quite sure when we all started celebrating that as a holiday, but my social feeds are brimming with Halloween goodies today. Even Disney has gotten in on the half way to a holiday action by announcing a brand new After Hours event that will take place in 2021.

Wondering what the difference is between the BOO BASH After Hours event and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (which will not be happening in 2021)? Our friends over at the DFB are breaking down the details to help you decide if this 3 hour event will be worth it to you.

Does the BOO BASH interest you? I'm heading down in October for a two nighter and I might drop by. I'm just waiting to see how much the tickets will be for this shin dig.

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Definitely interested! We will be at Beach Club DVC two days pre-cruise and two days post-cruise at Grand Floridian DVC.

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I am thinking about it for September.

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