Breakfast In The Parks..

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Breakfast In The Parks..

Excluding character breakfast at the parks. Which place at each park do you like for breakfast.?...At MK we used to enjoy Main Street Bakery and still visit it but don't think it's as good as it was..AK and DHS we have never done breakfast, but Epcot our must on each trip is Sunshine Seasons..The adult platter is a big winner with the three of us..So where do you enjoy breakfast at the parks.?..

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We've never done breakfast in the parks. We usually grab a pastry from the resort and head out. If we do a big breakfast, it's check out day and we hit a resort ADR. Kona has been my favorite by far~


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We hardly do breakfast in the parks. Most of the time we just grab something at the resort before we head out. I will definitely check out Sunshine Seasons for breakfast; I have only had dinner there before.


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Akershus is my favorite in Park Breakfast. I really like table service breakfasts, the whole family around a table taking time to discuss their plans for the day before going off and tackling the parks, put a mimosa in one hand and it's all perfect. Disney has some great table service breakfast spots, but Akershus in the Norway Pavilion at Epcot is probably my favorite.

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I love breakfast at CP just ignore the characters if you must! Walking down MSUSA before opening is magical and stuffed French toast is right up your alley!


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Up until this trip any time I had breakfast in the parks they have been character breakfasts. This trip I tried BOG and Sleepy Hollow. Probably won't do BOG for breakfast again. I would have the fruit nutella waffle sandwich again.


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Kusafari coffee shop in AK . I recomend the iced vanilla latte with an elephants ear.


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Nutella Waffle at Sleepy Hollow or bagels and cupcakes at Starring Roles! muchlove

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My favorite breakfast is when Mrs. C sneaks out of the room while I'm still sleeping and brings back coffee. muchlove

Second would have to be a Boardwalk bakery bagel and coffee and eating it outside on the boardwalk.


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Huh. Never realized it before, but I don't think we've ever done breakfast inside one of the parks. Seems antithetical to the whole concept of rope drop...

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Hm, we've also never done breakfast in a park! We always bring granola bars and cereal cups to eat at the bus stop. I'm not a big breakfast fan though and it would either mean getting up early or missing out on early time at the park. I'd rather hit the busy rides and have lunch and dinner.