The California Grill Lounge at Disney's Contemporary Resort

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The California Grill Lounge at Disney's Contemporary Resort

We had the best meal last night at the California Grill!

If you're headed down there soon be sure to stop by. California Grill will be closing for 4-6 months January 1st, 2013 for a remodel. They're going to update the restaurant and give it a fresh new look!

IMG_0144 IMG_0143 IMG_0136 IMG_0133 IMG_0123 IMG_0152

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Yummy! We have an adr there May 16th at 7:30.


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Drool....drool......drool ,,,,,,,,,,,,laaalallllaaaalllaaalllaaaallaallalaallaaa..(that is me licking my computer screen Kristen!)

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Great pics Kristen!

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My favorite Disney restaurant, by far! the Sonoma goat cheese ravioli is the best!

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Ohhh that salad and the cheesecake look delicious