Calling WDW Hotels for information...

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Calling WDW Hotels for information...

There have been several times in the past couple of months that I needed to call down to a specific Disney Resort to get a piece of information. The employees on the phone that I have encountered have been less than helpful IMHO. Perhaps I'm not calling the right number, or asking for the right person. I need to figure that out. I'm calling the direct hotel phone numbers, perhaps I should start asking to speak with the concierge? Would they know? Because front desk isn't cutting it.

At Christmas time I had called Wilderness Lodge to ask about special activities at the Lodge. I had stayed there over Christmas years ago and they had a tree lighting ceremony every day, as well as a story teller and hot coco party. The woman on the phone would only talk to me about MVMCP, she had no knowledge at all if they were doing anything fun at the hotel.

This week I called POFQ and got an extremely chipper young lady on the phone. I asked her "Do you have anything special going on for Mardi Gras?" after all, I figured if there was anything fun happening it would probably be there, considering the theme and all. The answer she gave me was "It's Mardi Gras here everyday!" *sigh* That was really less than helpful.

Where do you call when you need direct resort information? Have the cast members on the phone been helpful, or has their knowledge been limited?

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As someone who needs to research the resorts frequently I have had the exact same experience. I think they almost try to be non-helpful to try to encourage you to call the "main numbers."

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I definitely agree with you. I remember calling Port Orleans Riverside directly with some questions about the Royal Rooms {When Disney announced they were available for booking} and they had no idea what was going on. She tried to tell me they weren't available.

The same thing happened when I called Pop to ask a question about activities, they were not helpful at all.