Carnival Tripumph Breaks Lose From Moorings

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Carnival Tripumph Breaks Lose From Moorings

Oh my gosh... Carnival's Ships can't even catch a break sitting at dock with no passengers on board. Crazy, just crazy.

"The star-crossed Carnival Triumph broke loose Wednesday from its moorings in Mobile, Ala., where the 14-story ship was being repaired after its notorious nightmare cruise in February."

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I really have no desire to take a cruise. I have watched Titanic too many times I guess. The idea of a cruise is grand. Now, after all of these things that have been happening recently, I am even less likely to take a cruise. DH feels the same way, thankfully.

I would like to stay on the Delta King, a permanent fixture on the river in Old Town Sacramento. My brother got married there, it is where I had wanted to get married, but I live in Atlanta now, it was easier to get married locally.



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Kristen K, I wholeheartedly agree with you wrt Carnival's Ships "can't even catch a break sitting at dock". laugh

I've cruised on a Carnival cruise ship (to Bahamas) and on Disney cruise ships (to Bahamas, Mediterranean, & Northern European cruises), and there is no comparison, Disney rules! The quality, cuisines, customer service, activities, shows, etc., no comparison!

I am already planning my next cruise with Disney. Cool

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"When it rains, it pours".


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I was just reading about this. crazy


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I think they just need to put that ship in permanent dry dock....when they catch it that is.

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This was all over our news feeds that day. Pensacola (where I live) is only about 40 minutes from Mobile. Use to make it really ease to take a quick 3 or 4 night cruise with a ship only 40 minutes away. Now, New Orleans is closest port. Still, not that far away at 2.5 hours.

We have taken several Carnival cruises and never had any issues at all on any of them. We just took one last year in October. Had a blast!!! But, sticking to fry land holidays and Disney trips for a while with all the difficulties many cruise ships seem to be having.


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