Change of scenery!

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Change of scenery!

I just had to share this with fellow Disney Resort lovers... Some of you may already know I'm a CM here at Disneyland. Well I've been here for four years working with the horse that work on main st and at the petting farm in Frontierland. I love my animal coworkers but feel I've hit a dead end in terms of career advancement. Wellll I got a call today from our casting center. They wanted to do a phone interview for me to transfer to the Grand Californian front desk!!!! Eeeek! So I had a great phone interview and they really liked me. Only foreseeable problem is my availability with my wdw trip coming up. The girl said she'd talk to some people and see if they could work around it!! Fingers crossed they do!!!!

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Good luck!


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good luck!


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Sending you some good wishes!

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sending pixie dust your way!

stars stars stars

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Aw the best... clapping

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crossfingers awesome


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Good luck! mickey crossfingers

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Good Luck!! crossfingers stars


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Good luck to you. I am sending pixie dust your way stars

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Did not know you worked there! Good luck! mickey

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Good luck! Fingers crossed. crossfingers

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congrats congrats congrats banana


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Sounds promising! mickey

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stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars Sending lots of pixie dust your way from a fellow cm who recently got a career advancement. Here's a bit more pixie dust. stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars stars

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best of luck! crossfingers crossfingers

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Good Luck! I'll have to say hi once of these days! My wife, daughter, and I all have annual passes to DL / CAA.


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Carlsbaddrew you should! I love meeting forum friends!

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Were you with the horses during the races this weekend? I wanted to stop so badly, but knew I'd be there for a loooong time if I did!


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I wasn't with them for the race. I tend to work in the afternoons most time. They seemed to be a big hit with the runners from what I hear though!