Complimentary MagicBands Are A Thing Of The Past Starting In 2021

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Complimentary MagicBands Are A Thing Of The Past Starting In 2021

Earlier this year Disney announced that it would be ending the complimentary MagicBand for all Walt Disney World Resort Guests. Well, with 2021 just a breath away WDW is now sending out emails to guests that state, "MagicBands will no longer be provided complimentary to Disney Resort hotel Guests with arrivals beginning January 1, 2021." So, it definitely seems like a permanent move by Disney to suspend free MagicBands to resort guests.

I don't hate this step honestly because I have so many of the dern things lying all over the house. Personally, it makes me much more likely to shell out the cash for one of the Dooney MagicBands I've wanted so badly. I just could never get around paying $45 for something that I was getting free every time I booked a room.

How do you feel about this?

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I say I don't need anymore magic bands until they add new specialty ones to the site. I am fine with it. I haven't been getting the free ones recently. I either get a special one or decline.


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I do not mind not getting the free ones. We have tons of them and tend to now want the ones you have to purchase.

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I want to say that many families often opt for the themed bands rather than the plain ones that you could get for free and that is might be a response to that.