Cool Disney History Auction

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Cool Disney History Auction

Wish I had hundreds of thousands of dollars... waiting

"The highlight of the Disney artifacts being sold in the auction is an original stretching room oil painting from my favorite attraction, The Haunted Mansion. (Item 495, page 141) At 42'' wide and a whopping 121'' tall (that's more than 10 feet!), this painting would quickly become the centerpiece of any Haunted Mansion collection. Unfortunately, the expected $30,000 " $50,000 selling price puts it far out of the reach of most Mansion collectors"

Here's the rest of the story


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10 foot tall HM paintings sound like a blast!

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This is random but I saw an episode of The Antique Roadshow the other day--this is not a show I typically watch I was just slipping channels..and I saw a man with a Disney lunchbox he bought at a flea market that was valued at about 8000 dollars. It was the original Steamboat Mickey was just so cool. The guy bought it at a flea market for about 100 bucks!


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