Cypress Gardens Shuts Down

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Cypress Gardens Shuts Down

Here's the notice from Orlando Sentinel. So sad; I used to go here with my parents.,0,2476740.story

"Cypress Gardens shut down once again Wednesday, its owner saying it has
exhausted "every possible approach" to keep the storied-but-struggling
tourist attraction open.

The abrupt closing came just seven months after the region's oldest
theme park -- once famed for its botanical gardens and Southern belles
-- had reopened on a bet that it could succeed with a combination of
scaled-back operations and cheaper ticket prices"

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What do they mean by "Southern Belles?"

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Wow, that's too bad.



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cdub wrote:
What do they mean by "Southern Belles?"

Cypress Gardens was known for it's Southern Belles (women + big dresses).

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This is too bad. It was on my list of things to eventually try out. Although at the rate I'm going it would be around 2027 before I ever got there. Maybe they'll be reopened by then.