Difference between staying at Disney world and renting dvc points to stay onsite?

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Difference between staying at Disney world and renting dvc points to stay onsite?

Everytime I have gone to Disney World in the past I have stayed on site at a Disney World hotel. I was wondering if anybody could tell me what would be the difference if I rented DVC points to stay at one of the Disney World hotels? I am assuming that there would not be maid service but besides that I really don't know what the difference would be. Thank you for any insight you could offer!

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Honestly - there really isn't one. We stayed at AKL Kidani Village using rented points May 9-13 (PM me is you'd like the company we used) and I never noticed a difference over other Disney resort stays. I had a confirmation number as soon as we paid our deposit for the stay, I plugged it in to My Disney Experience and it pulled up our information. Easy peasy. mickey

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I agree with Becks. There is no difference other than not having daily housekeeping service.


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Some of the resorts have different room configurations if you are staying in a DVC villa vs. in the non-villa rooms so I maybe would take note of that. For example most standard rooms at Animal Kingdom Lodge have two queen beds, but most of the studio villas at Animal Kingdom Lodge villas have one queen bed and one double-size sleeper sofa. But that obviously isn't a change if you were planning on booking the DVC villas cash prior to renting points.