Disney Bingo

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Disney Bingo

My family and I are going to do a bingo competition every day were at the park, I was
wondering if you have any ideas for the squares. Funny, outrageous, cute whatever
you think would fit in a bingo game!
Thanks a bunch

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Fun!! JoAnn C recently did a zoo bingo (non-Disney) so there maybe some inspiration over there:


Some other ideas:

Someone with really stoopid shoes for walking around at a park all day (we love stoopid shoes!)
Child with a Mickey balloon (or a child losing their Mickey balloon)
Someone eating a Mickey pretzel
A dole whip
A Disney princess or prince
A couple with bride and groom Mickey ears
Someone with a First Visit button
Child meltdown
The talking trashcan
10 hidden Mickeys (or 1.....or 5)
Ride with a wait time over 60 minutes
Miss Devine (Animal Kingdom)
Citizens of Hollywood (Hollywood Studios)
Cast Member Barbara!! http://www.wdwforgrownups.com/forum/cast-member-barbara-magic-kingdom-fame
A family or group where everyone is wearing the same t-shirt
Mickey's autograph/picture with Mickey
Someone eating a turkey leg
A cast member making a water mickey on the sidewalk with a wet mop

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Thank you so so much I got my Bingo finished and now it sits
and waits til we are there Smile