Disney Music

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Disney Music

On a mission to keep the "Magic" going even when we are not at WDW. We have the cd, "Four Parks - One World", "Wishes", "Spectomagic", and the one that plays disney songs in a ragtime version. Any other recommendations? Thanks. I really wish they'd make a cd of the different "Land" loops, like "Music from Liberty Square or Adventureland" something like that would be really cool!

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My favorite album is the Illuminations: Reflections of Earth / Tapestry of Dreams / Millennium Celebration, which is the Illuminations soundtrack from 1999. There is a 2001 release of the same four songs, but the 1999 version has a gospel version. It's a very cool album. Laughing out loud

Also, there's apparently a wikipedia list of all the possible theme park CDs. Party

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Try these CDs:

Mannheim Steamroller Meets The Mouse
Music from Disney's Animal Kingdom Park (excellent!)
Disney Meets Jazz
Erich Kunzel and Cincinnati Pops "A Disney Spectacular"
Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
The original "Illuminations - Reflections of Earth/Tapestry of Nations".

Those are my favorites.



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Heh.... I got a couple kids. Youngest loves Disney music as in from the tv shows and such. So my Spotify has Disney music on it.


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There is a villains Cd and I was going to reccomend the jazz one Everybody wants to be a cat. My favourite though is Los Lobos does Disney. I love their version of Ugly Bug ball!