Disney Music radio stations

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Disney Music radio stations

Does anyone listen to Disney music on Live 365 or the other radio sites? It really makes my day to listen to some WDW park background music or ride music every once in a while (especially on rainy, cold days!).

My favorites are Park Hopper Radio and Mouse House Radio silly


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I would if I spent enough time sat at the home PC. Can't listen at work sad


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Tony wrote:
I would if I spent enough time sat at the home PC. Can't listen at work sad

I can't listen at work, either, but at my last job I used headphones to listen to Live365. It was so weird to be sitting at work surrounded by the Adventureland background music or Epcot background music. It made me just a little bit hapier! laugh

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I like Mouse World Radio, myself, but I tend to switch around to a lot of the different stations depending on what's playing. Sometimes I'm in the mood for actual ride narration, and sometimes I just want to listen to a parade or Illuminations.




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