Disney Shanghai - Website for USA ?

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Disney Shanghai - Website for USA ?

I know Disney has several websites that are unique to each country....
In the USA, our website has the link to only USA based resorts and parks.

If I understand correctly, those who live outside the US have a website that links them to US parks & resorts,
but offers discounts, specials and sometimes free gift cards.

Now that Disney has parks in other countries do you think they will eventually link them to the US webpage
for those of us in the States?

I am really interested in Disney Shanghai- but in order to see the park information I have to go
to a totally different website (www.shanghaidisneyresort.com) .

Do you think Disney will eventually offer US customers the discounts to go to other countries??


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OH MY GOSH, I want to go just to eat at The Snackin Kraken!!!!!!!

I can't wait for them to add actual pictures.

I have a friend who just moved to Japan for 3-5 years. IF I ever get on a plane to go over and see her, this will have to be a side trip along with Tokyo. I mean Shanghai is just another short flight right?????


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No, I do not believe that the websites will be linked. Disney has had Parks outside the USA for a very long time and they have never been heavily marketed to us.

As far as discounts go, I would talk to one of our friendly TAs on the forums. If anyone has that information they would.