Disney Souvenirs

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Disney Souvenirs

I guess this is one of those things that really doesnt fit anywhere else, so I'll try here. I was curious to know...what souvenir from Disney do you have with you all the time? Keychain? Pin?

Donna and I have a matching earring. Her birthday is in Dec and mine is in Nov, so we couldnt do birthstones. Our solution was the birth stone for the month we were married...September. She wears one...I wear the other one. And, man, do I get a lot of comments about it!


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Hey, that's great! It's like those "best friends" necklaces -- you take one and she takes the other! I really like the small mickey earrings, too. They're not all that 'overt,' and they always remind me of my favorite place!

I guess the souvenir I have with me all the time is my annual pass! It stays in my purse with me Smile

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I always have my Mickey car topper to remind me of disney trips!




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I like the Mickey earring. Like Annie says it's kind of subtle and nice. Our house keys actually have Pooh characters and Mickey on them.