Disney's Financial Woes

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Disney's Financial Woes

Interesting article about Disney's financial problems. "Lower Admission Rates" is one of their proposed solutions!


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I think this particular "reason why" is pertinent to this message board specifically. Is Disney shooting itself in the foot regarding the adults-only market?:

Forgetting the other markets
I believe the Pleasure Island decision essentialy shuns the 20-30 year old market , which shows poor judgement on Disney's part.. 70% of downtown Disney was already family friendly attractions, and Imagine all of the revenue Disney will lose from 11 p.m. to 2 a.m. They'll also lose a significant amount 20-40 year old locals and tourists who will opt for Universal City Walk. I consider downtown Disney's redesign as a microcosm of Disney's entire philosophy- which is hyper-focused (no pun intended) on children and family, (their bread and butter). I just don't think it was a good idea to turn away the other market in the process.
Universal City Walk balances the two. The layout with shops for kids and family friendly restaurants such as Nascar Cafe, NBA City and Emeril's, but it also offers plenty of entertainment for the 20-30 market with late night live music clubs and Hard Rock Live.


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