Do you think your love (obsession) of WDW makes you a more hopeful or happier person?

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Do you think your love (obsession) of WDW makes you a more hopeful or happier person?

I know this is a rather esoteric question, but it's something I've thought about for awhile. Are you a more positive person because you look forward to going to WDW, or because you're innately a positive person are you naturally drawn to WDW? Sort of the chicken or the egg question.


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I am an optimist. Though because I grew up with Disney, I would not be surprised if lessons I have learned through Disney Parks and Movies are what helped shape my worldview in that direction.

There were several years that I lost my optimism, and still enjoyed Disney travel, but it didn't seem to influence my overall positivity. It is totally possible to be depressed in Disney. I made a choice to become an optimist again once I realized that I had lost that. I don't think that Disney travel effects my already established world views, but I do think it played a part in me having those views to begin with.

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This Little Golden Book tells it like it is!

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