Dumbo Adorns the Disney Fantasy

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Dumbo Adorns the Disney Fantasy

New pictures of Dumbo being lowered into his place on the Disney Fantasy from Disney Parks Blog!

Video of Dumbo's creation can be found here:

So fantastic! I hope that I get to sail on her some day. If I only knew how to get a invite for the press trip.
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Oh how fun! Can't wait to see the finished ship!

I forget where I was yesterday, but they had a short time-lapse video of the ship in the shipyard being put together. It was incredible and I couldn't fathom what goes into building that thing! And the planning! Holy smokes!!

PS: If you get that press invite trip, I am totally available to carry your luggage, take notes, get you snacks, etc. biggrin

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Wow! That and the Magic just kind of blow my mind! One day I will go on one of them..probably when the kid(Drunk? are older and can take advantage of some of those fun kids rooms and stuff!


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Cant wait for them to finish this area. I think im more excited for my daughter to experience it though... heh


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After looking at it even more, especially after the first float-out, and still without having seeing it in person, I think I like the one on the Disney Dream a lot more. The characters (Mickey, the broomsticks) are a lot more animated, and one can clearly see that they're doing something. I don't see that for Dumbo and Timothy. The latter is just way too small to notice clearly.



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