Epcot Day Trip Report :)

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Epcot Day Trip Report :)

On Sunday I went to Epcot in the 1st time in years. My mom and I left at about 7 am and got there at 8:30. We started out with Soarin, which was sooo fun! Then we went on the Nemo ride and spent a bit of time looking around in the Living Seas area. After that, we looked in the Mouse Gears and Art of Disney stores. We then got a tasty frozen lemonade and waited for a bit before the World Showcase opened up. We wandered around the shops in the UK, then met with Alice and Mary Poppins, who were awesome. We ate at the Crown and Rose. I got a vegetable pie and chips! Yum! Then we went to France, met Marie, toured the shops, then saw Belle and Beast. Then we visited Aurora who told us to tell Jasmine and Aladdin tag. We then wandered around the stores in Japan, then went back to visit Aladdin and Jasmine. They were so nice and literally spent 10 minutes with me! Oh and we told them tag and they told us to pass the word on to Snow! After that, we got a delicious funnel cake and visited the stores in Italy. Italy had my favorite store of the day - the mask store (I don't know the name!). The masks were beautiful. Then, we got caramel fudge in Germany (yum) and visited Mulan, who was very nice. We went back to visit Snow White (and told her tag!). We then saw Duffy, who was too cute!! In line for meeting him, we found a wild baby bunny, who I took pics of! Duffy put my book in his mouth and then threw it! He also chased after the ducks! We finished out the day with a ride on Spaceship Earth. Overall, it was an amazing day. The only things that would have made it better was if Test Track were open and if we could have met with Pooh and friends. Here's some pics:


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You met Duffy! Awesome! Alice looked way different than usual, a lot older. Anyways, great report!


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Isabelle, you are so cute! I can't believe you got to see all those characters. Love your pics, and glad you had so much fun.


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We love epcot. The world showcase and soarin are favorites here. Last time we went we got 3 masks at the mask shop we'll soon be hanging them in our new home Smile



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Great pics! Thanks for sharing. Soarin is our family's favorite ride at Epcot. Always hit that first thing.

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Once again, I'm jealous of all your character pics!

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Awesome Pics! Sounds like a great day! Thanks for sharing!


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Yay Duffy! He's always so much fun. I love the Duff!

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time!