Fantasyland attraction?

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Fantasyland attraction?

Our favorite attraction at Fantasyland is Mickey's Philharmagic and we just want to know that
Which is your favorite Fantasyland attraction?

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I would have to say the Matterhorn. For WDW, I'd go with Peter Pan.

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Philharmagic for us too.


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Gotta go with Pooh, as usual.

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Peter Pan! Wink

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Philharmagic. by FAR

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Nothing else comes close to Philharmagic for me!




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Probably Pooh, followed by Peter Pan and the Carousel. Teacups are fun, too. Really, I don't think there's anything in FL that I don't like, although Dumbo isn't may fave.


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It's Philharmagic for me as well.


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Philharmagic for us as well, but Peter Pan is a close second.


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cjs3boys wrote:
Philharmagic for us as well, but Peter Pan is a close second.

These are two extreme opposites in the "unbearable line" department. I love Peter Pan, but once you factor in the line...ugh. Meanwhile Philharmagic is usually a very reasonable wait.