Favorite Disney Related Books

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Favorite Disney Related Books

I am an avid reader, to say the least. In some ways, I like reading even more than watching movies (well, not Disney movies...). I'm looking for some really good books about Disney - history of the parks/company, fictional stories surrounding anything Disney, or even a really good biography about Walt Disney. Can anyone suggest some really good books? I've done searches and there seems to be a ton out there, just wondering if anyone can suggest some good ones.


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'Vinyl Leaves: Walt Disney World And America' is one of my favorites.
'The Vault of Walt' is on my "to read" list because I absolutely love the author, Jim Korkis

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The Kingdom Keepers series is an awesome fictional series.



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The Imagineering Field guides are pretty good. There is one for each park. The one for MK is basically the Keys to the Kingdom tour.

The Dark Side of Disney was pretty interesting.

Mouse Junkies was terrible.

The Epcot Explorers Encyclopedia was fascinating.

I started the Vault of Walt but got bored.

100 years of Disney was a good bathroom read.

imagineering - A Behind the Dreams Look at Making More Magic Real is a beautiful, beautiful coffee table book.


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