First Rendering Released For Three New DCL Ships

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First Rendering Released For Three New DCL Ships

Disney Cruise Line has released the first artist rendering of the design for the three newest vessels being added it the fleet in in 2021, 2022 and 2023. Each new ship will be approximately 140,000 gross tons and each is currently planned to include about 1,250 guest staterooms, making them even larger than the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy.

From the image below it looks like they will be keeping with the classic Disney Ship design and coloration. It appears to me that thee upper decks (above what would be deck 11 on the dream or fantasy) have become larger and a bit more enclosed, raising significantly up the height of the funnels. I love the duel funnel look and classic design of the Disney ships, so I'm not entirely sure what I think about them being less prominent.

What do you think? Where do you think these three ships will sail?

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I like it. I like the way Disney Cruise Line appears more like the glory days of cruising instead of the modern how-many-people-can-we-cram-on-one-boat look.


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