Former Disney Cruise Officer Speaks Out

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Former Disney Cruise Officer Speaks Out

This disturbs me very much and I certainly hope it turns out not to be true.

There are unfortunately bad people everywhere and Disney or Cruise Lines are not exceptions. What I find disturbing is the Officers claims that Disney left Port Canaveral without reporting it and sent the guy home once reaching the Bahamas.

It says the Grandmother refused to press charges, well she didn't have to. The cruise line could have and should have reported it. Law Enforcement could have brought charges after reviewing the evidence and maybe stopped this pedophile from doing it again to someone else, and now he will.

I am glad to see they prosecuted the next one and said they have changed their policy, but anything to do with children, for me, it's inexcusable to not protect them and there is no excuse in the world they can give me on why they didn't report the other guy. I don't hold Disney responsible for what happened, but they should have stepped up and fired the 2nd in command immediately that made the decision to not report it. Maybe they did, I hope so.