Ft. Wilderness VS. Port Orleans Riverside

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Ft. Wilderness VS. Port Orleans Riverside

We are planning a small trip in Oct. We are only going to MK but were trying to decide which resort to stay at. It's b/w Ft. Wilderness (cabins) and Riverside (mansion section). It will be a party of 5. Wondering if it would be better to stay in the cabins at Ft. Wilderness or just get 2 rooms at Riverside? Any suggestions? Thanks so much! Thanks for the very warm welcome. This site is amazing!

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If you are just going to MK I would stay at FT Wilderness. It's easy access to MK (by boat) and you have the lake right there. POR is just too far away for a MK visit.


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If you want the convenience of being able to just hop on a boat then Fort Wilderness is the place to be! But will having 2 rooms at POR make the trip more relaxing because if so that is what I would go with mickey

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I say FW as well. With just MK, and the boat... just makes things a lot simpler.


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