Gifts for Disney Honeymooners!

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Gifts for Disney Honeymooners!

Cash for a wedding present has become de rigueur, but many brides and grooms then turn around and do something wild and crazy with it (like pay bills) rather than spend it on something lovely to enjoy. When I know couples are headed to Disney on their Honeymoon I turn to a classic Disney Gift Card for a present so that I know the money will be spent having fun at the happiest place on earth!

If you were to give the gift of Disney - how much would you give, and what would you suggest that the Bride and Groom spend the money on?

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i signed up for the disney gift registry because not everyone that may be getting us gifts really "gets" our disney desires. Disney will take a cut of the total "gifts" (really just money), but the set up does encourage people to purchase from our gift registry.

There are no hard and fast rules for how much you give a wedding couple. For me personally i try to factor in how much i expect the wedding to cost or how much they are paying per plate and of course my own finances. Generally i attempt to give $100 per person, So if it is me and a date attending the wedding, i give $200. If the date does not know the couple, i dont make them give any money towards a gift.

For my own gift registry i have choosen gifts worth 10 bucks up to 200 bucks each. Basically lets say i want to get disney tickets. I have created "shares". So a person could pay 10 bucks towards our tickets to disney, while someone else could buy 2 $50 shares. In the end, disney gives us a chunk of cash to spend how we want to and it does not even HAVE to be at disney.

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The Disney registry is a great tool! Not all guests are tech savvy enough to use it though, which is why the Gift Cards are so useful.

I completely agree that there isn't a rule to how much one should give. Everyone has to consider their own circumstances and what they can afford. I gave Becks534 & her DH a Disney gift card and told her it was intended for them to enjoy the Rainforest Room at the Spa on their Disney Cruise.

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Kristen K. wrote:
I gave Becks534 & her DH a Disney gift card and told her it was intended for them to enjoy the Rainforest Room at the Spa on their Disney Cruise.

And we LOVED it! muchlove Thanks again!

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I would give a Disney GC if they were not signed up for DGR.

We always give at least $100, maybe $200 if we are close friends or family. Here in the south, I have found a lot of people do not do that, but up north it is very custom to give at least that much, if not more. I figure if dinner is $100 per person, it is only right!

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I am getting my friends the Bride and Groom ears along with the Mr. and Mrs. coffee cups since they have said that they would like them. For the ears, I am getting them embroidered with Mr. Donald Duck August 3, 2013 and Mrs. Daisy Duck August 3, 2013 on the back of the ears. I like getting them something and not just giving cash especially when they have a registry with items they want.

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We had to miss a friends wedding as we were in Orlando in may, they were honeymooning there so we got them a Disney photo album that said just married on it Smile


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