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I found the ones at POR comfy. Not, OMG! comfy but not uncomfortable either. We didn't have any problems with them being noisy. I am with the others though that said I was too tired every night to evaluate thoroughly. I could have slept in the pool lounges at that point.

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Kristen K. wrote:
alicemouse wrote:

Do we have any additional WDWFG intelligence on the quality of the BWV pull out beds? We got a one bedroom for April when we take my parents and we're certainly not going to make them sleep on the pullout, so we'll be enjoying those accommodations. laugh I was going to book a 2BR, but it's a lot of points to go in April, so I figured we can slum it on and pullout for four nights. I can sleep anywhere and I've never met a hotel bed I didn't sleep like a rock on, but DH is a very fussy sleeper, so I'm a little nervous about this situation! LOL.

I don't have any first hand experience with the BWV pull out. However if you have trouble, you can always give the front desk a call and see if there is anything they can do. Maybe some extra blankets to cushion it, or a couple more pillows.

To my knowledge, all of the DVC sleeper sofas were replaced a few years back, so all should be the same. My wife uses the sleeper sofa at BWV all the time. I like the beds at BWV, but the "heavenly beds" at the Swan and Dolphin are wonderful. No hard bed for me please.

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MandaLynn wrote:
Emilio wrote:
When we stay at any Disney resort, if the bed is too firm, we request these egg-crates sponge type padding's & extra pillows, it really makes a difference!

Just wanted to throw my 2 cents into this discussion! I am not an expert on Disney resort beds (having never stayed on property...until later this year!!), but I am slightly picky about mattresses in general. Because we are staying in the Ft Wilderness Cabins, I read some reviews on their sleeping arrangements and found that a few people thought some of these beds were not the comfiest. However, after reading through this thread, I called housekeeping (mousekeeping?) and asked if eggcrate foam pads were available for all beds on property and was told that they just have to request them mickey Not that this will make a rock-hard bed into a heavenly cloud, but it made me feel much better!

So keep this in mind, and when in doubt, just call housekeeping!

And thanks Emilio for the tip!

That's great info, thanks for the tip!

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The POLFQ beds were the perfect combination of fluffy but firm, nicely sinking in
but still supportive.

All Stars Sports was much firmer (no cloud sinking at all) but not board firm.
My back does better on firmer but I had no problem with either of the beds.

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Thought I'd revive this topic for one magical reason...I've had off and on back problems over the years, and I've always put it down to me just getting older wheelchair ...So after the third morning this year at WL. I realised that my usual back pains were non existant..So after two weeks of magical sleeps. I enquired at the concierge about the mattress but was told that they were recently upgraded to a firmer one..Awesome...I have since bought a Sealy tufted mattress ( $1200 ) and after 3 weeks back home, I haven't had a bad back yet in the morning..Yay...Just thought I'd give WL my vote of magical sleeps at Disney if you like a firm mattress that is... awesome

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pillowfight Bed report! The mattresses in the newly refurbed rooms at Caribbean Beach Resort are outstanding! Cushy but firm, we slept great. awesome

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The worst beds I've ever slept on at Disney were at Coronado Springs... they were like sleeping on the concrete floor. I ended up piling pillows and quilts under me just to get slightly comfortable. The beds at both Riverside and French Quarter are pretty comfortable, but the pillows are hard as rocks. I sleep on a pillow top mattress at home, so anything that isn't cushy I don't like. Nice to know that you can request eggcrate pads.... it will open up a new world of resort possibilities. As much as it costs to stay on property, you would think that the beds and pillows would be more comfortable and pretty consistent from one resort to another. eek


..... I want so much more than they've got planned......

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I thought the beds at All-Star Sports were just about perfect, but I like a firm bed. Robyn, what did you think?

The pillows, on the other hand, were atrocious. Which is why I bring my own now. I've given up on WDW pillows.

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Best beds are at the Wilderness or Port Orleans. Worst bed ever was pop century! Way to firm it was like sleeping on a board!

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Saratoga Springs beds were so-so, a little firm for me but I was able to make it work.

The Pullout couch at Saratoga Springs was HORRIBLE, even my teenager didn't want to sleep on it it was so hard. We ended up putting the couch cushions together and wrapping them up in a sheet for her then placing that on top of the pull out.