Gotta love the middle school years

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Gotta love the middle school years

My daughter turns 13 tomorrow, so we're in the middle of her birthday party.

She and 8 of her closest friends (along with her kid sister) are sitting at the dining room table, having just finished their pizza. They've been in total hysterics for almost 2 hours, telling "Your mom is so....." jokes. When I reminded them that I was in the next room, I thought they would die laughing.

These are the days I'll cherish.


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Aww, I remember those days: I hope all the laughing with friends makes up for all the middle school angst (or hopefully your daughter is less angsty than I and my friends were, haha).


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We didn't have girls, so our experience was a little different. I had the funniest and most interesting conversations with my son at that age in the car. DH always said that was because our son knew I had both hands on the wheel, so if he was going to tell me something shocking, that was the time to do it! laugh

I actually miss chauffeuring he and his friends around, now that he's all grown up.



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Aww that's fantastic! Happy BDay to your baby muchlove