Grand Floridian DVC construction forcing weddings to move

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Grand Floridian DVC construction forcing weddings to move

This sucks


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That's terrible!


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This sucks for these women. I hope Disney does the right thing and really ponies up for them.



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I've read a fair amount of the original thread from the bride that was really upset. It was her post on the DIS that prompted other blogs to write about it. I stopped reading the thread when the bride said that the head of Disney Fairytale Weddings would try to hault the construction for her, and that that wasn't good enough. Really? Making everything the way it was to start with wasn't good enough? DWF also offered her three other venues to chose from, though in the price points given by DFW, they were "lesser" venues (Seabreeze Point, Gazebo at Yacht Club, and Top of the World Lounge Balcony). The real kicker is that the Bride signed her contract without reading it, and there was a clause in the contract that said this might happen due to GF Construction.

I think that things could have been handled much better by Disney, on a communications level, they failed. However, there is a point at which this bride needs to get over her trauma of losing the "dream she's had since she was ten" and work with Disney for a reasonable solution. I've not been back to the thread for several days, I hope that that solution has been reached to her pleasure. It's very difficult when a place that you went to just vent turns into a firestorm of activity. I feel very badly for her, but I also know that when things like this happen, you just have to buckle down and find a solution without letting your emotions get the best of you.

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well said. Life goes on and as you get older, you realize what is really important is the actual marriage and commitment, not the material things that make it happen. Sometimes people need a priority check. Is this THAT important in the whole scheme of life? It may seem like it to her now, but ask her in 10 yrs. when the emotions have faded and life has settled down. And to start off a marriage with all that stress, what a shame. Hope it all works out for them.



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