Great-Grandmother Arrested at WDW For CBD Oil Sues Disney

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Great-Grandmother Arrested at WDW For CBD Oil Sues Disney

This is an interesting case, and I'm watching to see how it plays out. Even though marijuana laws have been changing around the country, Walt Disney World has always stated that it is not allowed on property. Even with a script from a medical provider this has been contraband on property.

The article says that the woman had "federally legal CBD oil" which means that it was not marijuana based but hemp based.
While the two plants are in the same family, the products made by each are considerably different. However if the hemp oil was illegal in Florida at the time, it was illegal in Florida at the time. Generally people who are taking controversial treatments (which this has always been) are aware enough to find out if they have to change their behaviors when traveling.

I'm sure Disney's lawyers will prevail, but none the less as both hemp and marijuana derived CBD treatments become more common this is worth watching.

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According to the article, her grievances are with the sheriffs office not Disney. I'm not really sure what they are expecting Disney to do. I am also interested to see how this plays out as well.