Greetings from UCLA (the Upper Corner of Lower Alabama)

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Greetings from UCLA (the Upper Corner of Lower Alabama)

Yes, we're from that corner of Alabama most well known for peanuts, and for being a short 2 hour drive to Panama City Beach (where it seems most of our town folk head to on the weekends). Smile

We're long time Disney-Worlders. Started taking our kids when they were 6 and 12 and now they're 20 and 26, both grown and out just this past year.

We are Annual Passholders and make pretty regular weekend jaunts down there (sometimes deciding as late as Saturday afternoon to go lol).

We have most recently enjoyed a six night stay at the Beach Club in May, the second time we've been able to go there and we LOVE IT.

We're glad to have found this community here!

Dan -n- Missy

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welcome welcome welcome Dan -n- Missy


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" Upper Corner Lower Alabama" love it!! Welcome guys. Just been here a short time myself and its a great place with lots of great info. Sure you will have lots to share.


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Welcome aboard! You're going to love it here! Tell us some of your Disney favorites!


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surfcruiser wrote:
We're glad to have found this community here!

Hi! and welcome we too are glad you found us.


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stars welcome UCLA (love it) welcome stars


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Welcome! Glad you made it here!


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Hey! Nice to meet you. biggrin


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Welcome! Oh wow - that's really awesome that you have the freedom to do that! What's been your favorite resort to stay in so far?


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welcome & glad you joined us!

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Hello Dan -n- Missy! Welcome to our board!

What's your favorite time of year to visit WDW?

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Hello and welcome Dan-n-Missy



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Welcome Welcome Welcome, Dan -n- Missy!

UCLA. Laughed out LOUD.

Okay, so you'll feel in good company here, as these folks are very well-versed in Disney Worldness, like y'all!!

There's a lot of talk about food around where's YOUR favorite place to eat in The World??

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Welcome to the best Disney board around Smile