Hallmark's Disney Wireless Band

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King Fergus

ZapperZ wrote:
OK, so having 4 out of 5 band members so far, I've played with this for quite a while already. In fact, I've done most of my indoor Christmas decorations already when I took down the Halloween stuff, and this Hallmark band has been on display on my console table.

I will say that, other than the Dancing and Singing Donald Duck that Hallmark produced a while back, this has got to be the best Disney merchandise that they have produced. It is fun, it is very clever, and a lot of people who have seen it are quite impressed by it.

Here's the band, minus Mickey, who will be out on Nov. 29.

How come Disney doesn't produce merchandise like this?


Nooooooo..I hope these don't go on sale over here..My band will be out of business..LOL..Awesome fun.. laugh