Hello from VA!

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Hello from VA!

I'm new to these boards but not to Disney - although I have to say I learn something new about Disney everytime I read this board (or the DISboards).

Something about me mickey : I've been to Disney a dozen or so times since 1976. Took DH to Disney for our 15th wedding anniversary in 2006 - it was his first trip to WDW but definitely NOT the last. He was definitely hooked - hooked so much we bought into DVC! We just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal at Disney's Wedding Pavilion.

We weren't blessed with children, but we do have two 4-legged kids (our furbabies if you will). Muffy is our almost 7-year-old Border Collie mix that we rescued from our local animal shelter. She's really a "tomboy" and a "daddy's girl". Trying to stay one step ahead of her keeps us on our toes! And we have King Alexander Hyper-Troublemaker or Kaht for short who is our 20-year-old cat. Kaht has been with us since 2004, but he's been around us all his life. He came to live with my parents shortly after I got married (I'm an only child). My mom rescued him as a kitten (he belonged to the neighbor and they were torturing the poor guy). When my folks passed away - we took him in. My folks called him "cat" and DH & I made the acronym "Kaht". He's my baby boy. muchlove

DH is a recent above the knee amputee (July 2010) and has a prosthetic. It's been a challenge but its the cards we've been dealt so we take it one day at a time. wheelchair

We live in Prince William County, VA (about 35 miles south of Washington, DC) but both of us are originally from Maryland.

Looking forward to learning more about my home away from home - Disney! cool



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Michelle - welcome! We're so glad that you're here! Our neighbor and good friend - in his early 30s - just recently underwent an amputation due to bone cancer. We're so thankful to see all the advances in prosthetics that allow folks to maintain good mobility.

I live in FL, but I'm originally from WV, so we're neighbors, kinda Smile

So - what's your favorite park at Disney? Do y'all have a trip planned?


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Michelle, hi and welcome to WDWFG and we all hope this becomes your Disney home of choice. If you haven't seen it yet there is a thread all about all the "furbabies" of our members, also there is a thread floating around about vow renewals so feel free to tell us ALL about it as well. What is your home DVC resort, mine is SSR and we will be back there in Nov. Tell us all about your WDW favorites, and as you may already have noticed food plays a prominent part of our friendly forum. So again welcome.


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Welcome...I grew up in Herndon, not too far from you, but have been in NJ for eek 12 years now!

Do tell about the vow renewal. DH and I are celebrating our 10th in 2012 with some other board members at WDW. I'm interested in maybe doing a low key VR.


Wishin' I was at WDW!

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I too am excited about hearing about your Vow Renewal.

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Hello Michelle and welcome! I just joined myself and am looking forward to meeting fellow Disney World lovers. I am from Virginia myself...I live in the Yorktown/ Newport News area. hope you have a great day!

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SWEET Vow Renewal how lovely


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Hello and welcome to you! Awesome about the vow renewal!! I would love to do that someday.


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Hello & welcome. Sound like you'll fit right in here! biggrin

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Welcome. It's a great board here full of great people. Can't wait to hear all about your trips. Me and hubby who is on this board as well (mase) are also DVC members. Our home resort is animal kingdom lodge


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Hi and welcome!!! It's great to have you here on the boards mickey

Rescues make great pets and friends - yay! I spent many years in Maryland (Montgomery and Frederick Counties) before criss-crossing the US and winding up in Charlotte.

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Welcome to the boards!

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Welcome Tinker Bell Fan! welcome

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Jess wrote:
Welcome. It's a great board here full of great people. Can't wait to hear all about your trips. Me and hubby who is on this board as well (mase) are also DVC members. Our home resort is animal kingdom lodge

Welcome to the board! I am the other half of Jess, and she summed it up for us. lol

Hope you enjoy it here! Its great! And again... WELCOME!


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