Holiday Decorations - Let's See 'Em!

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Holiday Decorations - Let's See 'Em!

We got a super late start this year due to moving to the new house at the end of November, but we got a tree! And it's 100% Disney ornaments. muchlove muchlove

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Very nice!

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Ugh! My house is not up to par this holiday season. We didn't put up a tree this year, but we did add a few wintery touches with some holiday accent pillows and a red plaid throw on the couch. That's about as exciting as it gets this year.

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my favorite Christmas decoration

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Oh yes please!! That is drool-worthy for sure.

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That cupcake was as good as it looks. I did not share it!
I know it is late for holiday decorations but they are coming down today. But..that means a Disney trip is getting close!
Mark gave me a lesson on posting pictures. Let's see if I rememember.

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It worked yay yay yay
So how about a few more

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Beautiful decorations scrappy. awesome

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Those are beautiful Scrappy!!! I guess I need to post mine! I didn't go overboard this year like I have in years past but still got a good amount out and up.

I have a Starbucks tree in my kitchen that stays up year round, that's where our Elf Sparkle Merry Jolly showed up for the first time this year. She loves coffee, I buy all their ornaments each year, I'm gonna need a bigger tree soon! The blue ornaments hang from the light fixture above the dining room table

I am not a fan of white trees or colored lights but I wanted one for my Disney ornaments so that you could see them better against the white and the colors just make it happier! I am normally a very plain green tree, white lights, silver ornaments person so this is a stretch for me but I love it. I did not put up the big green tree this year.

I am also addicted to the Hallmark ornaments, I buy most of them yearly and look for older ones when I am out antiquing. These are a few of the new ones from this year that I got. There are a lot more LOL

And last but not least, I have been hosting a holiday wine, I mean cookie swap for 9 years now!!! I made a specialty cocktail this year (Jack Frostie) and this is our table full of cookies and the group of ladies that make it so much fun! A couple of them have been every single year! We stuff our faces, drink lots of wine and play silly games


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