Jaleo Experience at Disney Springs

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Jaleo Experience at Disney Springs

Oh my goodness. This was fantastic and what an amazing well rounded set of flavours and dishes. We are on the dining plan and were not sure what we would get. You can have 2 tapas plates each or one large one, or paella or the Jaelo experience which was about 12 (yes 12) for the same credits. We of course went for the 12 and it was sublime.
Manchego cheese & ham, crispy bread topped with tomatoes, fennel, apple, walnut salad, an amazing beetroot gazpacho, a white bean, black olive, tomato dish, shrimp with garlic and bread, potatoes with paprika and garlic aioli, spinach salad, fantastic roasted peppers and eggplant so smoky and delicious, chicken croquetas (really flavoursome creamy chicken fried in a crispy coating), chorizo with mash and apple vinegar yum, and then desserts a set desert with citrus and foam cream and the final dessert... a meringue with cream and then they pour hot chocolate sauce over it. Oh goodness I had died and gone to heaven it looked heavy but was like eating a cloud oh crikey was that good.

Paolo our server was great she explained dishes and gave us time to enjoy it and listened to what we said no goat, land or endive.

Excuse lack of photos still on the camera and I was awake for 23 hours yesterday with it being travel day and time difference!

Would strongly recommend Jaleo for a special meal and so pleased we switched Morimoto for this


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Jaleo is fantastic!! Sounds like you had a wonderful meal!!!!!


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I still need to try Jaleo.


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That sounds wonderful!

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What an awesome review! We'll be there in a few weeks and I'm even more excited now! yay

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That sounds so amazing!!